Same Sweet,
Less Linger

Less Linger, Clean Taste.

Over consumption of sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and other major health issues; consequently, consumers are looking for healthier sugar alternatives that are natural and taste good.   LingerBrite™ will significantly reduce the cloying sweetness and aftertastes of high potency sweeteners like Stevia, Sucralose, Ace-K and Monk Fruit to provide consumers with a cleaner, more enjoyable taste.


Reduce bitterness & linger up 50%

Using LingerBrite™ can help you reduce levels of natural sweeteners such as Reb M up to 50% for a significant cost reduction and optimized clean sensory performance. LingerBrite™ offers naturally derived solutions that work to substantial reductions in linger, improve sweetness, and optimize taste.


  • substantially reduces linger for an improved sweetness profile
  • works with BitterBrite™ to improve the taste of high potency sweeteners
  • delivers preferred taste, as confirmed through sensory testing

Works great to balance the linger in applications where high potency sweeteners help mitigate challenges in:

Stevia Sweetened Beverages  | Alcoholic Beverages  |  Caffeine  |  Protein Bars or Shakes  |  Sports Nutrition  |  Astringent Tannins  |  Minerals, such as zinc or potassium  |  Vitamins

Delicious sweet drinks and foods, without lingering guilt and taste with LingerBrite™.