Better-Tasting and Better-for-You

Taste: the most compelling factor in our food and beverage choices.

While taste is the most highly weighted motivator in food and beverage choices, there are multiple factors that contribute to the sensory experience. When experiencing a freshly baked cookie, for instance, you smell its fragrant aroma, see its golden color and chocolate chips, hear its crunch as you bite into it, feel the texture of its crumb, and taste its sweet, buttery flavor. All of our senses cooperate every time a food or drink enters our mouth to create a unique taste experience—and perfecting that experience is the mission of FlavorHealth™.

An essential part of that mission is to validate all of our flavor solutions with thorough sensory testing. Gustatec, a sensory research subsidiary, provides industry-leading analytical sensory and consumer preference assessment for foods and beverages. An incredibly diverse and trained pool of panelists provides insights that drive the innovation process and inform ingredient development, ensuring that the solutions FlavorHealth™ delivers are tested and confirmed by a variety of palates and preferences.

Gustatec’s industry-leading analytical sensory and consumer preference assessment services are also available to outside clients for evaluation of a range of consumer goods categories including food and beverages, flavor ingredients, body care, detergents, and specialty applications. With our dedicated staff and collaborative work ethic, we apply our proven methods or custom solutions to provide rapid, relevant, and reproducible results.