Low Sodium,
Still Salty

Salt. The original flavor enhancer.

Consumers seek reduced sodium options without sacrificing the salty taste of their favorite foods. Evolving health and regulatory trends have triggered formulation and sensory challenges. FlavorHealth offers natural flavor solutions that meet the consumer demand for more better-for-you options.

Reduce sodium 30-50% while delivering the same taste

natural flavor solutions allow food and beverage makers to meet recommended sodium guidelines while maintaining the same salty taste and allowing for 30-50 percent sodium reduction. SaltBrite™ options can be used in a broad range of applications including ready meals, beverages, soups, sauces, baked goods, and snacks. In sensory testing, consumers preferred a 40 percent reduced sodium cheese sauce made with a SaltBrite™ natural flavor solution over the control.

SaltBrite™ naturally

  • reduces the amount of salt needed in foods and beverages
  • enables lower sodium options with a taste that still satisfies
  • delivers preferred taste, as confirmed through sensory testing

Works great in:

Ready Meals  |  Beverages  |  Soups  |  Baked Goods  |  Sauces  |  Snacks

With SaltBrite™, you can make good-tasting healthier and healthy better-tasting.