More Plant Protein,
Great Taste

More Plant Protein, Great Taste

Consumers demand natural plant based products rich in protein, but will not compromise on taste.  With PeaRiffic ™ a tailor made flavor to remove off taste of Pea Protein and other plant proteins, “good for you” tastes great!

Up to 100% reduction in pea protein off-notes

Typical off-notes associated with pea protein including bitterness, beanyness, cardboard taste, astringency and lingering bitterness are reduced using this unique proprietary solution. Our extensive research and understanding of natural materials and taste receptors has allowed us to develop a tailor made flavor for this rapidly growing need for pea and plant based protein. Because PeaRiffic suppresses off notes, it has also been demonstrated to reduce the need for excessive tonal flavors and sugars that have been used in traditional flavor development approaches to reduce offnotes.


  • substantially reduces off-tastes from nutritious ingredients
  • easy to use. Plug and play based on recommendations provided by Flavorhealth team
  • works well with FlavorHealth’s suite of other solutions for sweet and salt taste improvement as confirmed through sensory testing

Works great to balance the off-tastes in:

Sports Nutrition  |  Plant-Protein Snacks  |  Protein Bars or Shakes  |  Protein Beverages  |  Plant-Protein Ingredients

Delicious healthy foods and beverages, without undesirable off-tastes with PeaRiffic™.