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holdingpopsicleAbout FlavorHealth

The FlavorHealth mission is simple: create natural flavor solutions that enable healthier foods and beverages without compromising taste.

By focusing on the discovery of natural compounds in three key areas—sugar reduction, sodium reduction, and bitter balancing—our product portfolio enables industry leaders and newcomers alike to meet the latest in consumer health and wellness trends.

The FlavorHealth advantage rests in a commitment to provide solutions that are fully natural and that allow for an unprecedented reduction in sugar, salt, and bitter taste. Compounds of interest are selected, screened, and tested, allowing for a robust discovery process aimed at achieving both improved efficacy and great taste.

As consumer demand for nutritious and flavorful choices increases, the world of foods and beverages must respond. FlavorHealth is here to help manufacturers navigate evolving trends for success with consumers.


New ingredients company to offer sodium and sugar solutions

FoodBev: FlavorHealth, a new speciality flavour company offering natural solutions to address today’s health and wellness consumer trends, is launching its product line for the first time at IFT16.



Candy & Snack Today: FlavorHealth, an ingredient supplier focused on natural offerings, is launching at the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Exposition with a line of three flavor systems, the company reports.