Boost Nutrition,
Balance Bitter

Balancing bitterness for better taste.

Consumers now demand that their foods do more for them, but nutritious ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins can leave a bitter taste. FlavorHealth Bitter Balance™ natural flavor solutions correct the intense bitterness of ingredients like pea and other plant-based proteins. With FlavorHealth Bitter Balance™, high-protein and fortified foods and beverages taste as good as they make you feel.

Reduce bitterness 40-60%

FlavorHealth Bitter Balance™

natural flavor solutions reduce the negative taste characteristics often associated with better-for-you ingredients, like astringent tannins, plant-based proteins, high potency sweeteners, and vitamins and minerals.  FlavorHealth Bitter Balance™ options allow for 40-60 percent reduction in bitterness, improving the taste profile.

FlavorHealth Bitter Balance™ naturally

  • balances the bitterness of popular health food ingredients
  • works with FlavorHealth Sweet™ to improve the taste of high potency sweeteners
  • delivers preferred taste, as confirmed through sensory testing

Works great to balance the bitter taste of:

Plant-Based Proteins  |  Astringent Tannins  |  Minerals, such as zinc or potassium  |  Vitamins  |  Caffeine  |  Protein Bars or Shakes  |  High Potency Sweeteners

With FlavorHealth Bitter Balance™, you can make bitter better-tasting.